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cute dog cute dog cute dog cute dog
cute dog cute dog cute dog cute dog
2016-10-29 09:05:31

Golden Gardens Off Leash Area

Did you know that all of the Seattle off leash parks were run and maintained by volunteers? They are, and I happen to be the steward of Golden Gardens off leash park.  What this means is that I arrange work parties and alert the Parks Dept. to any needs or problems at the park.  If you're interested in helping out, watch here for updates or follow the Golden Gardens Facebook page!img_0124

2016-10-17 19:38:35

Swinging Chihuahua bachelor pad

a dog in it's own apartment under the stairs

Need a home remodel project?
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2016-10-17 19:30:39

Canine wine


Planning a fancy event for your pup? Don’t forget the wine!  
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2016-10-17 19:24:20

Harness options

a dog with a harness on

Thinking of getting a harness for your dog? Here’s a short description of the pros and cons of the different types.
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2016-10-17 19:16:09

Tips for loose leash dog walking

a dog with a leash that is loose

You’ve got a new dog and want to train it to walk on a loose leash. Here’s a good primer on clicker training leash walks.
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